Bringing the Best Education to Every Corner of the World

Wanting to create a platform of knowledge which everyone can access beyond the boundaries of the border and rich and poor; wanting to let everyone learn what he or she wants efficiently, freely and as much as he or she would like. Quipper has started in order to realize this “distribution revolution of wisdom”.

Our challenge is to change the world with education.

Quipper is looking for fellows who are willing to be a part of our challenge.



Quipper identities

  • User happiness always comes first for us. Every decision and policy needs to be based on how we can make them happy.

  • We are all individuals from different backgrounds, so accept this diversity and be willing to have different perspectives. That said, we’re all part of a team and can speak up and collaborate.

  • It doesn't matter what your title is. Own whatever you find important for the company and users. Go for it and execute. Do it fast and see it through.

  • Facts and data matter more than just opinions. They don’t lie or have biases, and help make healthy decisions.

  • We all have a passion for learning. Stay curious and thirsty for new things, and don’t be afraid to take a leap. Keep yourself always out of the comfort zone

Support for product teams

Overseas experience self drafting system

This is a system for engineers, designers and product managers that allows to draft participating in training and lecturing in conferences overseas. We actively support creating learning opportunities with one’s own will such as acquiring and sharing knowledge of globally advanced speciality and so on.

Support system for lecturing
in domestic conferences

This is a system for engineers, designers and product managers that covers a part of expenses related to lecturing in domestic conferences. By supporting the active participation of lecturing in conferences, we would like to contribute to promotion of sharing knowledge, vitalizing the industry, and development of the technology.

Free location work system

This is a system for engineers that allows you to work in our office in each country for up to 3 months a year. Our aims are to promote understanding of each country’s situation, to get to know well with the members normally communicating online, and to promote development of products in a global situation. * All travel and expenses need to be covered by the employee him/herself.

Remote Work

In principle you are expected to commute to an office. However, Quipper allows you to work remotely with prior approval from your immediate superior, when you think it's better for you and also for the company.



Currently, there are no recruiting jobs.