Corporate Planning & Finance Officer

This position entails the work of managing the company's profitability by bridging the solutions within the Corporate Planning & Finance team. Working under the Strategy & Planning Manager and along with the Strategic Planner, the successful candidate is expected to possess strong interpersonal and data analytics skills to ensure the sustainability of all sales branches at Quipper.

Job Descriptions

  • Budget Planning:
    1. Working together with all departments to monitor the budget planning and usage on a monthly basis
    2. Conducting a budget review meeting every month with all stakeholders to see the current standings.
  • Data Analytics & Monitoring:
    1. Specifically paying attention to sales activities and working closely with a branch admin on weekly basis for cost monitoring & profitability.
    2. Creating a better PnL for all sales branches and notifying the Strategy & Sales Manager if some discrepancies happen
  • Problem Solver: Bridging the solutions for every bottleneck facing, both external and internal issues


  • Bachelor's degree in any field, preferably business, management, or industrial engineering;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to perform in a very fast-paced environment;
  • Strong in data analysis and able to make sound judgments based on data;
  • One year of experience in financial/business consulting is preferred; and
  • Having a passion for education and technology will be a plus.

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