Education Content Creator

Content Creator is a candidate who foremost has high interest and is aware of the issues of education in Indonesia, especially on the formal K-12 sectors. Besides, their creative expertise within the area of video productions, copy and script-writing, and layout/design/editing is highly sought for. The role of Content Creator is basically to make ALL of out content types more creatively pleasant for our users.

Job Descriptions

  • Conducting basic digital research;
  • Strategically determining what content is worth creating;
  • Writing a set of sound, communicative, and well-structured content (creative briefs, textbooks, infographics, video scripts, storyboards and other relevant outputs);
  • Exercising and developing complex material into simple and effective wording;
  • Developing comprehensive and creative storyboards for shooting processes;
  • Directing the production of the video;
  • Other tasks to support content department as instructed.


  • Bachelor Degree in Communication Studies, Visual Arts, Linguistics, Multimedia, Education or related field;
  • Based in Jabodetabek (WFH as default, but must come physically to the studio at times of shooting);
  • Applicants with experience in the education industry is a plus point;
  • Previous working experience on Media and Production House/Agency will be a plus point;
  • Excellent communication, content writing skills, and presentation skills;
  • English proficient;
  • Able to work under a tight deadline;
  • Have extensive knowledge in the field of video production;
  • Have high ownership to the content he/she produces and the team he/she works with.

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