Freelance Scriptwriter for English Stories

This position entails working alongside Quipper’s content team in delivering high-quality educational content for an array of audiences, ranging from high school students to adult learners.

As a scriptwriter, creativity, inquisitiveness, and independence are must-have qualities, for he/she will play a significant role during the pre-production and production of our stories.

Job Descriptions

  • Conducting primary research to understand every story element;
  • Creating drafts for scripts based on research and creative vision as a scriptwriter;
  • Revising drafts based on inputs from the subject specialist or other production team members;
  • Reviewing story details in storyboards created by content creatives;
  • Discussing and providing feedback about the storyboards;
  • Other tasks to support the content department as instructed


  1. Bachelor Degree in English Education or Literature;
  2. Have results of English proficiency test (TOEFL/IELTS) within the past 3 years with the preferable score:
    - TOEFL: overall 580
    - IELTS: overall band score by 6
  3. Have 1-2 experiences in writing English stories;
  4. The applicant with experience in the education industry is a plus point;
  5. Excellent communication, content writing skills, and presentation skills;
  6. Able to work under a tight deadline;
  7. Have extensive knowledge in the field of English teaching and learning;
  8. Have high ownership of the content he/she produces and the team he/she works with.
Note: Remote work setup

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