Head of Product

The Head of Product is responsible for ensuring that products meet design requirements, and deliver a consistent experience for users. You’ll be managing the entire global engineering team, collaborating with the product team managers (Product Management, Design, QA) and other team leaders, as well as guiding the company’s technical and product vision and maintaining compliance with quality standards.


  • Leadership & Strategy
    • Collaborates with the Company’s executive leadership to develop and meet organizational goals while supplying expertise and guidance on projects, operations, and systems
    • Leads strategic technological planning to achieve business goals by prioritizing technology initiatives and coordinating the evaluation, deployment, and management of current and future technologies
    • Plan medium-to-long term product development with understanding of all products of the company, and design investment policies and resource allocation
    • Directs and manages the product engineering team and ensures that priorities are defined, requirements are developed and appropriate processes are established in support of the product management life cycle to continue the development of the platform, while ensuring teams are working at manageable efficiency (not overworked or understaffed). 
    • Contributes collaboratively within a creative and fast-paced environment to ensure design and delivery of high quality, scalable and innovative, configurable solutions that adhere to high standards for architecture, security, privacy, and best practices
    • Performs infrastructure costing and cost-benefit analysis to aid decisions made for the product and the team
    • Oversees the competency matrix and career growth opportunities for the Engineering team, retains the talents while ensuring no knowledge loss whenever there is churn.
    • Identifies, recommends, and implements new technologies and systems to improve organizational processes and decision-making.
    • Plans and manages the budget allocated for the Engineering team
    • Oversees and performs recruitment activities from preparing the hiring plan to interviewing and deciding the job offer for candidates
    • Can give proper guidance to everyone based on the understanding level of counterparts so that they can work independently
    • Expert-level engineer capable of publishing books or taking part in large conferences as guest speaker

  • Discovery & Ideation
    • Plan and coordinate product discovery activities in a regular cadence
    • Continuously improve product ideation and discovery practices and introduce new methods to the organization
    • Facilitate user interviews and user testing in aid of refining product design
    • Mediate discussions with end users and user communities to gain insight into user needs and to communicate the value of the company's products to customers

  • Product Management
    • Own and drive overall product strategy for one or more product roadmaps
    • Identify and socialize product goals on strategic, intermediate and tactical levels
    • Distill product roadmaps into digestible and relevant presentations for key stakeholders, customers, and partners
    • Responsible for achieving outcomes through successful feature development
    • Work with engineering leaders to identify and mitigate problems to guarantee successful product delivery and a positive user experience
    • Coach and mentor product managers to facilitate the delivery of new features and enhancements
    • Maintain or direct team members to update a release calendar for future product releases

  • Project Management & Alignment
    • Manage, align, and tailor project roadmap and project itself to meet the deadlines of the roadmap created by communicating stakeholders
    • Eliminate blockers once it happens in the projects
    • Come up with short-term, mid-term, and long-term solutions once any issues happen in the projects to meet the deadline by following agile development methodology


  • Education & Experience
    • 10 years of hands-on software design and development experience in customer-serving platform and mobile application development
    • 6 years of experience in leading engineering and product teams
    • Mastery of best practices for website performance, code quality and scalability, programming standards and patterns, along with proficiency in Agile development methodology
    • Experience implementing high performance and scalable systems and solving scalability issues
    • Proven experience in driving and executing product roadmap, and willing to take innovative product risks while still ensuring timely delivery of the product roadmap item
    • Cloud native with excellent understanding of at least 1 cloud platform (more than 1 platform is more desirable)
    • Proven success working closely with Product Management, contributing to the product strategy and helping to successfully deliver on the product roadmap
    • Extensive engineering expertise in the areas of tooling, prints, specifications, product maintenance, budgeting, and software products
    • Strong verbal, visual, and written communication skills with the ability to explain approach to all levels in the organization including key stakeholders 
    • Able to think strategically and see the big picture
    • Experience managing multi-country teams

  • Functional Competencies
    • Adept in user testing and able to provide advice on test selection & setup across multiple environments quickly
    • Able to synthesize results from user testing to inform overall product direction
    • Able to assess and prioritize feature development with research-backed and customer-focused strategies
    • Able to identify gaps in technical resourcing needs/strategy and collaborate with other senior leaders to solve them
    • Able to distill product roadmaps into digestible and relevant presentations to key customers and partners
    • Able to identify and pounce on opportunities that arise from new technologies
    • Able to recommend process improvements and frameworks that will help improve product delivery
    • Ability to provide clear guidance to product managers in aid of sharing new skills to the organization

    Work Arrangement

    Remote, but must be residing near Jakarta, Indonesia, or Makati, Philippines

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