Subject Specialist Intern

We are looking for university students who are passionate in education development. The internship program (3 up to 4 months period)  will offer you the experience of working in an edu-tech company and being able to implement what you’ve learned in university.

Job Descriptions

1. Develop lesson plans that comprises:
  • Formulate lesson objectives
  • Selection/development of learning materials
  • Selection/development of learning assessments
2. Perform quality assurance on outputs


1. Active students from education major in the following fields: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Economics, Geography, Sociology, Bahasa Indonesia, English.
2. Already passed the following courses:
  • Lesson planning/course design
  • Learning materials development
  • Assessment design
  • As proven by the candidate's study reports (KHS).
3. (preferable) Active in students’ organizations

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