Staff interview #20 Christine Ahllyn Tabada

Aiming for the development of the team with the best human resources

I started working in HR & Operation of Quipper Philippines in September 2016.  My first tasks were HR and payroll in general, and I eventually started to deal with recruiting in May 2017.  By October 2017, the number of positions we were seeking, started to grow as the company expanded.  I am currently in charge of recruitment with the help of other members of HR & Administration and members of other departments.


It is not at all easy to find candidates to meet our demanding criteria.  Therefore, I have joined various communities of SNS and channels of Slack as well as obtaining information from online through JobStreet, LinkedIn, and the recruiting page of our corporate website.  I have joined different groups and participated in different events to invite potential candidates. I also utilize my own contacts and ask friends who may know someone we are looking for.


I think I was chosen as an MVP because I had been hiring people so that we can achieve the manpower needed to help the different teams.  I feel fulfilled and rewarded when I hired the best candidate which leads to the growth of the team even though it is really hard to find the right person we are looking for.


Though the length of time I spend for recruiting has increased, I still continue to involve with other tasks of HR.  In those circumstances, I think time management is inevitable to deal with all sorts of different tasks.  It has always been my motto to make priorities.  I always try to prioritize things, set clear schedule, and communicate with others carefully.

Positive workplace is the key

I have always wanted to make the workplace more positive so that everyone can work more productively.  I think that has also let me become an MVP.


As a member of HR, it is a part of our job to talk to employees with a problem.  I think why the problem has occurred, suggest what can be changed, and try to make employees feel positively.  I think an ideal workplace is where employees can solve issues and problems positively instead of staying negatively.


It is the same with myself, whenever I feel stressed out, I try to relax and change my mindset to a positive one.  For example, when I receive a very demanding job requirement and feel “how can I find someone like this?”, I take a seat, relax, havesome ice cream, and ask myself “why do we need this kind of person?”.  I then, change my mindset positively and look for ways to find such a difficult candidate, so that I can provide positive results.


There tend to be stress and pressure at all working environments.  However, I believe if we can make the workplace a positive one, the way our employees think will change from negative to positive, and it will then produce good ideas.


I think the way I am feeling has some effects to the surroundings, so it is important to remain happy.   I would like to work effectively so that I can contribute to the company’s growth.  It is also important to keep in mind that what we do is changing and contributing to the company in order to keep ourselves happy.


When working, it is important to have all sorts of support: support from colleagues, the team, the manager, and the company.  If no one supported you or you were not allowed to ask for help, I think that environment would not be suitable as a good workplace.  The office of Quipper Philippines is a cozy place like a cafe.  Therefore, whenever someone is in a trouble or someone needs to refresh their minds, we can just sit there and communicate easily with colleagues and bosses.


It is also important to have an environment where people can keep their motivation high, and seek for not only figures, but also the quality of their work as their achievement.  I think a job is a part of our lives, so I would like the workplace to be somewhere you can feel and think about your life as well as work.

It is also a good challenge to deal with changes

What I think a big challenge when working at Quipper is to keep catching up to the changing environment and needs of the company.  Because Quipper is expanding, I think we are changing a lot.  Sometimes,it is hard to deal with changes, but I regard these as a good motivation and challenge for me because I can actually feel my growth in the company.


We need to positively accept and deal with changes.  In order to do that, we also need to analyze and understand why we need to change, what we should do to change, what sort of advantage the change would bring us, and so on.  Then, we review and prioritize things we should do.  I think we should prepare to change our actions as well as changing our mindsets in order to deal with positive changes.


I was attracted to Quipper’s vision and mission that are totally different from any other companies.  I believe that the mission of Quipper will improve the educational system and contribute to the growth of not only students and teachers, but also everyone related to the community.


Although we have different tasks according to each department such as HR, Sales, Customer Success, and so on, I believe our mission unites us as one.  I think we are like fingers of our hands.  Each one of them has different purpose but they have the same aim when becoming a hand.  Meaning, our goal to “distribute wisdom” make us one even though we are from different field, different background, or we may have different views.

We, HR, just don’t sit on a chair

I worked in a real estate company as a part of the sales team right after I graduated from the university.  While dealing with sales, I learned many skills such as effective communication and negotiation.  I also learned many other things like how to constructively strategize.


My major in the university was Philosophy.  However, I also studied HR as my minor subject.  I have always liked talking to and socializing with other people, so I naturally get interested in.


You may think HR officers just sit on their chairs, but this is not true.  When recruiting, we also need to play roles of Sales and Marketing Officers.  The product I deal with is our “Company”.  I always think about how we can make the best talents get interested in Quipper.  I analyze the difference between Quipper and other companies so it will help me persuade the candidates to choose Quipper. My experience in sales team is helping me out in the recruitment facet.


My current motivations for work came from my previous experience when I was a student.  I was once a student who were taught by teachers.  Happily through hiring the best content developers, I can now repay my gratitude towards teachers, and feel that I am helping students.  I am happy that every employee that we hire contributes to the growth and development of the company and help us achieve our goals.


As a recruiter, I often need to come early and stay late according to the schedule of the candidates.  When I think that my job is helping the development of the company and helping out students and teachers, long hours at work does not even bother me anymore.

I would like to make further challenge in the HR field

I have learned many things here in Quipper.  I would like to learn further about  HR, and become more productive and creative.  Also, I would like to apply what I have learned and experienced through my work, and to execute them effectively.


I am currently concentrating on recruitment.  Also,I would like to become someone who can give motivation and involve in employee’s development.  I would like to keep challenging myself in new things.


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