Content Development Officer (Fulltime)

Job Description

1. Content Development of either non-video or video content
  • Lead the development of content projects (either nonvideo or video content) regardless of subjects, as assigned
  • Execute research and development projects to improve content offerings
  • For assigned projects, may be expected to
  1. Conceptualize and develop high-quality learning content and activities to support teaching and learning for video and nonvideo content across multiple projects.
  2. Design high-quality, student-centered digital learning experiences and resources..
  3. Design, review and refine templates and guidelines, including the creation of prototypes, for use of video and nonvideo content production team
  4. Ensure that learning activities, products, and services are consistent with Quipper requirements and statutory/regulatory obligations (e.g. quality, accessibility, re-use, sustainability, learning, and teaching templates).
  5. Work collaboratively with other subject matter experts, industry, students, and key stakeholders to provide digital design solutions that meet their needs.
  6. Manage the components of the project to achieve the project objectives within the agreed timeframes and provide progress reports as required by the project manager.

2. Contribution to the overall performance of the content department
  • Serve as advisor for production teams on templates and guidelines issues.
  • Work closely with QAQC during the development of templates, guidelines, samples, and KPIs.
  • Actively participate in team initiatives and projects and cooperate with team members in a manner that reflects a commitment to team goals and objectives, effective communication, information sharing, and problem solving practices.
  • Show ownership and initiative in tackling problems and spearheading improvements in content production as well as the content department as a whole.
  • Support team leaders and content managers in production management as assigned.
3. Others
  • Ensure smooth transition of the previous team as required
  • A Content Development Officer is expected to be able to perform content Production tasks on the same level as a Content Production Officer and quality assurance tasks on the same level as a Quality Assurance Officer.
  • When necessary, may be required by the Content Manager or direct supervisor/manager to take on projects or tasks in content production or quality assurance on the same level as a Content Production Officer or Quality Assurance Officer respectively.
  • When necessary, may be required by the Content Manager or direct manager/supervisor to take on content department ad-hoc projects or tasks which are outside of standard content development, production, or QA QC phases. Examples may include but are not limited to partnership building or developing a new content product or service offerings. When there’s a need, all team members may be asked to take on tasks below their current level, including but not limited to writing and editing content.
  • Carry out other tasks and assignments as assigned by the Content Manager or direct supervisor from time to time.
  • When discussed and agreed with the direct manager, especially but not limited to cases where a career advancement plan is in place, can take on tasks and responsibilities beyond the scope specified here.

Educational Background

  • Has a bachelor's degree in any field 


  • Experience in Educational Publishing, Training Institutions, Academic Institution, Design and Development
  • Experience in the education/e-Learning/software development industry working in the same capacity is an advantage

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Use of Google applications, communication and presentation Skills, instructional design, teaching, content and/or language editing, and design and development of educational materials

Why apply to us?

  • HMO upon regularization with an additional 1 dependent (fully covered by the Company)
  • Monthly performance bonus
  • 10 VL and 10 SL (unused SL is convertible to cash annually)
  • Company issued item
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Opportunity to meet and train abroad
  • Government-mandated benefits

Work Arrangement

  • Available for communications and should be responsive anytime during office hours, from Mondays to Fridays, especially when needed for urgent concerns
  • Remote work/work-from-home setup
  • Some office days may be required
  • Attend meetings and collaborate with the team in the office whenever required
  • Comply to work management systems, reports, and other policies from the content manager and the company
  • May conduct school visit (as needed)

Hiring Process

  • HR Interview
  • Subject-Based Examination
  • Interview with the Asst. Content Manager / Content Head

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