Data Engineer


We are looking for a Data Engineer to join our Global Product Development team. The Data Engineer will work alongside other data professionals in the Data Intelligence team to build and enhance our data infrastructure and frameworks for data mining and visualization of complex data sets. In this role, the Data Engineer will also interact with engineering, marketing, sales, and other teams, in Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan, to leverage data in understanding our customer needs and inform our product strategy.

Job description and responsibilities

  • Involved in development activities for structured and unstructured data including ingestion, parsing, integration, auditing, logging, aggregation, normalization, and error handling
  • Collect, manage, analyze & visualize complex datasets
  • Build, test and deploy data pipeline architecture
  • Support development and maintenance of a data pipeline and data warehouse
  • Support troubleshooting data pipeline and data warehouse issues


  • At least 3 years of related working experience in a Data Engineer role
  • Expertise:
    • Proficiency with data ingest and ETL tools (i.e. KNIME, Xplenty, Stitch, Alooma, Talend)
    • Proficiency with database systems including RDBMSes (PostgreSQL) and NoSQL document databases (MongoDB)
    • Proficiency with big data pipelines and data warehousing architectures
    • Familiarity with data modelling and unstructured data
    • Familiarity with data APIs
    • Familiarity with big data analytics platforms (Google BigQuery)
    • Familiarity with object-oriented/object function scripting languages (Python, Go, etc) 
  • Ownership:
    • Ensures own tasks are delivered exactly as committed daily
  • Personal Development:
    • Able to learn new skills with provided guidance and instruction
  • Communication:
    • Able to express their ideas and problems to colleagues clearly in English
    • Able to explain data concepts to a non-technical audience
  • Critical Thinking:
    • Uses a keen understanding of data structures to build appropriate data models for the purpose
    • Uses knowledge of data technology concepts to select an appropriate data workflow and pipelines
  • Teamwork:
    • Able to support colleagues in delivering goals both within the data team as well as in a cross-functional team

Why apply to us?

More about the team:

  • We believe in creating a highly innovative, exciting and collaborative working environment that continuously fuels our double digit growth YOY
  • You will collaborate with a diverse group of talent who have a broad range of experience leading in technology and e-commerce (e.g. International top MBA grads, ex-Bigtech. ex-FMCG, ex-Consulting firm)
  • Our team is highly passionate about our mission to “Bring the Best Education to Every Corner of the World” and hope that you could bring your unique skills and talent to make this happen in the Philippines!

Benefits and Perks:

  • [Permanent] Work from home / remote work
  • Competitive salary
  • Career mobility: the opportunity to define your career path across functions or grow in your current position
  • International working environment (multi-cultural collaboration with Indonesia and Japan offices)
  • HMO upon regularization with additional 1 dependent (fully covered by the Company)
  • Monthly performance bonus
  • 10 VL and 10 SL (unused SL is convertible to cash annually)
  • Company-issued item (laptop)
  • Government-mandated benefits
  • "No Friday meetings"

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