Freelance Content Consultant (TLE)

Job Description

The primary responsibility of the Content Consultant is to support content development as a subject matter expert for any of the following junior or senior high school subjects. They must be able to design prototypes that will serve as guides for mass production in line with the national K-12 curriculum of the Philippines, following our style guide. In addition, they must be committed, flexible to changes, adaptive to different students' levels, and able to keep up with a fast-paced production.

- Agri-fishery
- Information and Communication Technology
- Home Economics
- Industrial Arts

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Must be familiar with the Philippine education system and the national curriculum (K-12 Curriculum)
  • Has a demonstrable skill in writing and editing lessons, and activities for the subject to which the candidate applied
  • Proficient in Google Suite applications (Docs, Spreadsheet, Slides, and Forms) and able to learn new technology
  • Familiar with the 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style                                                
  • Can manage deadlines and set schedules
  • Has a positive, results-oriented mind
  • Has good oral and written English and Filipino communication skills
  • Flexible (easily adjusts to sudden changes)
  • With extensive knowledge of TLE Subjects for junior or senior high school.


  • A total of more than two years of the below will be given preference:
    • Experience in editing educational content (e-learning, textbook, workbook, reference book) for Junior/Senior High School or Tertiary.
    • Has teaching experience for at least two semesters for the subject to which the candidate applied
  • Experience in writing and editing educational/instructional materials


  • Required: Bachelor’s Degree (B.S./B.A.) in Education Major in Technology and Livelihood, Agriculture, Community Development, Urban Development, Environmental Studies, or other degrees (or majors) closely related to the subject to which the candidate applied
  • Master's or Doctorate Degree is an advantage

Work Arrangement

  • Output-based
  • Flexitime; WFH
  • Project-based contract
  • Communication and file sharing through email, chat, SMS, and calls
  • A stable internet connection is required

More about the team

  • We believe in creating a highly innovative, exciting and collaborative working environment that continuously fuels our double-digit growth YOY
  • You will collaborate with a diverse group of talent who have a broad range of experience leading in technology and e-commerce (e.g. International top MBA grads, ex-Bigtech. ex-FMCG, ex-Consulting firm)
  • Our team is highly passionate about our mission to “Bring the Best Education to Every Corner of the World” and hope that you could bring your unique skills and talent to make this happen in the Philippines!

Benefits and Perks

  • Work from home / remote work
  • Continuous coaching & training
  • Performance-based bonus
  • Career mobility - Chance to be regularized based on performance
  • Flexible, tech-savvy, international environment and working styles
  • And more! (Exciting workshops, sessions to get to know your fellows, etc. depending on the team)

Hiring Process

1. Application Form
2. Endorsement of Exam Package
  • Subject-Based Exam: use to assess the Subject Matter Expertise or the extensive knowledge of the subject you're applying for. 
  • General Language Mechanical Test (GLMT): use to assess the candidates' Language Proficiency. 
3. Exam Evaluation
  • Checking of Exam package. Please allow 3-4 calendar days for the evaluation result. 
4. Final Interview
  • To final check the professional experience, skill levels, and culture fit with the team.

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