People Success Associate Manager

We are seeking a People Success Associate Manager who will spearhead Quipper's Learning and Development, Performance Management, Succession, and Onboarding programs. Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


Learning & Development:

  1. Research and establish Competency Models for the various positions in the organization.
  2. Design and develop standards for competency assessment for recruitment, development, and promotion of employees.
  3.  Implement the competency framework system within the Company and trains managers to carry out competency assessment, determine employee development needs and provide support.
  4. Develop and implement learning strategies and programs that are aligned with the organization’s objectives.  
  5. Collaborate with the various business leaders in order to understand the different departments and, more specifically, their training requirements.
  6. Implement various types of training, including but not limited to coaching, e-learning, classroom training, job shadowing, and workshops.
  7. Track budgets and negotiate contracts with vendors. 
  8. Build and maintain relationships with third-party providers 
  9. Develop curricula and training materials. 
  10. Assess the success of development plans to keep optimizing. Track the results of employees’ development plans to:
    • Keep optimizing where necessary and
    • Help employees make the most of the learning opportunities presented to them.

Performance Management:

  1. Research best practices in human performance and designs and recommends revisions in the performance management system for the Company.
  2. Analyze existing programs to determine their ongoing ability to support the stated objectives.
  3. Formulate, with others, a philosophy of human performance improvement for the Company. 
  4. Advise departments on better methods to improve departmental results.
  5. Obtain appropriate certifications to acquire and administer assessment instruments and provide feedback to management.
  6. Advise departments on competency-based management systems.
  7. Recommend improvements to processes to develop Performance Management systems.
  8. Develops ideas/uses for technology in human performance processes.
  9. Designs and develops communications programs to more clearly link management to performance management.
  10. Establish methods to reduce turnover related to poor performance.

Potential/Succession Management:

  1. Assist in identifying and assessing leaders against the company’s leadership competencies in order to identify succession potential and development needs
  2. Prepare retention programs for the organization’s talent pool, ensuring sustainability in order to avoid the costs of recruiting and onboarding external hires into critical leadership roles
  3. Help spearhead the creation of career paths for disciplines within the organization, ensuring alignment across the business.
  4. Help develop, implement, monitor, and update employees’ career development plans and retention plans
  5. Review and analyze performance results for identified “Successors.”
  6. Help establish an assessment center and assess all successors


  1. Ensure efficient preboarding processes
  2. Ensure an efficient 90-day onboarding program for all probationary employees
  3. Ensure the readiness of employees for regularization
  4. Analyze and improve the onboarding program.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Proven experience as an L&D Manager, Training Manager, or similar
  • Current knowledge of effective learning and development methods
  • Familiarity with e-learning platforms and practices
  • Experience in project management and budgeting
  • Proficient in MS Office and Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills; sharp business acumen
  • Ability to build rapport with employees and vendors
  • Professional certification is a plus


  • Core
    • Self-Learning
    • Attention to Communication
    • Analytical Thinking
    • Building Collaborative Relationships
    • Proficiency in Data Processing
  • Functional
    • Critical Thinking
    • Interpersonal Relations
    • Persuasive Communication
    • Process Thinking
    • Project Management
  • Leadership
    • Fostering Teamwork
    • Developing Others
    • Managing Performance
    • Persuasive Communication
    • Emotional Maturity


  • Bachelor’s degree in any related course
  • Certificate in Learning & Development an advantage

    Work Conditions, Benefits, and Perks:

    Benefits and Perks

    • Work from home / remote work.
    • Competitive salary
    • Career mobility: the opportunity to define your career path across functions or grow in your current position
    • International working environment (multicultural collaboration with Indonesia and Japan offices)
    • HMO upon regularization with an additional 1 dependent (fully covered by the Company)
    • Monthly performance bonus
    • 10 VL and 10 SL (unused SL is convertible to cash annually)
    • Company-issued item (laptop)
    • Government-mandated benefits

    Work Conditions

    • He/She will be working most of the time remotely except for meetings scheduled in the office.
    • The position may require trips to different parts of the country.

    More about the Team

    • We believe in creating a highly innovative, exciting, and collaborative working environment that continuously fuels our double-digit growth YOY
    • You will collaborate with a diverse group of talent who have a broad range of experience leading in technology and e-commerce.
    • Our team is highly passionate about our mission to “Bring the Best Education to Every Corner of the World,” and we hope that you could bring your unique skills and talent to make this happen in the Philippines!

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