Product Operations and Support Specialist

Duties and responsibilities

  • Provides product-level support, product data and insights, and tactical product reviews.
  • Work with client support teams in assisting customers by facilitating product-level support (internal, external/social media) 
  • Coordinate with business units in collecting and understanding  new product developments and enhancements
  • Prepare product data analytics and reports that inform product delivery and strategy as well as other business teams
  • Work with the sales team in product promotional activities
  • Enforce product support processes and develop the knowledge base and FAQs for product support activities
  • Work with support and engineering teams to evaluate complex customer problems, identify root causes and derive resolutions
  • Analyze customer suggestions and patterns on issues, as well as industry trends and market demands in order to recommend product enhancements
  • Work with the development team in performance analysis of new products and enhancements

Skills and qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree preferably in IT, Communication, Business Management or Education
  • At least 2 years working experience in product operations or product support
  • Preferably, with expertise in data analysis (SQL, Programming, BigQuery management)
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail
  • Interpersonal skills as required in regularly being in contact with multiple teams, stakeholders, and/or customers
  • Strong ability to prioritize workload
  • Capacity to clearly explain a technical problem to a customer/colleague
  • Outstanding listening and questioning skills

Why apply to us?

  • HMO upon regularization with an additional 1 dependent (fully covered by the Company)
  • Monthly performance bonus
  • 10 VL and 10 SL (unused SL is convertible to cash annually)
  • Company issued item
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Opportunity to meet and train abroad
  • Government-mandated benefits

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