QAQC Officer (Freelance)

Job description

QAQC of either non-video or video content
  • Can be assigned to manage or partly manage the quality assurance of any type of educational content regardless of subjects
  • Can be assigned to independently manage at least one small size project 
  • Support content managers in quality assurance as assigned

For the assigned project(s), he/she could be expected to

  • define and achieve the goals and timeline according to the resources available;
  • work with other teams such as content development, production, academic, creative teams, and project owners as required;
  • ensure educational content meets quality standards before release;
  • Coordinate the error reports, validation, and fixing with the production team;
  • Maintain proper documentation of processes and guidelines;
  • Manage and communicate ongoing changes in tasks, goals, or performance;
  • Monitors problems, propose solutions and implements changes as necessary; and
  • Produce analysis and reports on content quality, with the purpose of tracking and improving content output quality as well as processes.
Contribution to the overall performance of the content department
  • Work with the content development team during the prototyping process, especially on production capabilities, processes, and constraints.
  • Work closely with the production team to improve the quality of content produced.
  • Support content managers in production management as assigned.
  • Ensure smooth transition of tasks from one team to another as required.
  • Basic understanding of content development and production principles and processes.
  • When necessary, may be required by the Content Manager to take on projects or tasks in content development or content production, on the same level as an Assistant Content Development Officer or Assistant Production Officer respectively.
  • When necessary, may be required by the Content Manager or direct manager/supervisor to take on content department ad-hoc projects or tasks that are outside of standard content development, production, or QA QC phases. Examples may include but not limited to partnership building, or developing new content products or service offerings. 
  • Carry out other tasks and assignments as assigned from time to time. 


  • Education - Graduate of bachelor’s degree with any course from a reputable university. 
  • Experience - 
    • At least 2 years of work experience in a publishing company or related  industry is highly preferred
    • Experience in Quality Assurance is a plus
    • Experience, knowledge, and skills in data-driven decision making, analytics and reporting is an advantage
  • Technical Skills
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office or Google Suites such as docs, sheets, and slides
    • Able to proofread/copy edit academic materials
  • Other skills and abilities
    • Excellent time management, stakeholder management, and communication
    • Project management principles and practice
    • Logical and critical thinker. Detailed oriented. 
    • A self-learner and self-starter. Seek out opportunities to improve.
    • User-first mindset. Able to take on the users’ point of view and find ways to improve qualities.

Work arrangement

  • Output-based
  • Flexitime; WFH
  • Project-based contract
  • Communication and file sharing through email, chat, SMS, and calls
  • A stable internet connection is required

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