Software Engineer – Android


They will work as part of our Global Team in designing and developing native applications for students around the world as well as teachers who support them, to provide a high-quality user experience in any given environment for more effective and continuous learning.

Appeal of the work

  • Become a distributor of Wisdom
    • Be involved and contribute to the future of Global Education!
    • Be part of the team that wants to change the world through education
  • Global Team
    • Get the chance to meet and collaborate with the best developers from around the world. Quipper has bases in Tokyo, Manila, and Jakarta.
    • Have the opportunity to go outside the country for international team visits as we place importance on connecting the team members of each country to improve technical capabilities and teamwork.
    • Opportunity to enhance technical skills through the internal open source program for overseas training and conferences
  • Development Environment for Productivity
    • We at Quipper focus on productivity, so we use services like Firebase and CircleCI for infrastructure, then Zeplin for distributing designs to our engineers, and GitHub for development and issue tracking.
    • Quipper makes tools every day to make production more intuitive and convenient. How about sharing your own tools to improve Global Education?
    • Learn and review beautiful code. We make sure to produce high-quality code before releasing it to the world. Code Reviews and Unit Tests are an integral part of Quipper product development.
    • Have a knack for sharing? At Quipper, we practice Pair Programming and have weekly Brown Bag Sessions to distribute wisdom in the team. But if you’re a shy solo developer, that works with us too!
    • Work from home. The new normal. You can work from anywhere you want.
  • Users-First Agile Product Development
    • We are able to do fast-paced service improvements and feature roll-outs with help from everyone at Quipper from marketing, sales, engineers, and designers by active and iterative collaboration through GitHub and Slack.
    • Our services and features are developed and improved using factual empirical data. We observe our valuable users by going to schools around the world and listening to their voices and seeking what they need and what works for each of them. But if you don’t like going out, we also do App Interaction Analytics, so you know which services are most used!


  • Contribute code on feature increments independently.
  • Participate in the technical design of feature increments with guidance.
  • Responsible for code quality and production health of one or more parts in scope for their Squad
  • Formulate task estimates while identifying assumptions and clarifying unknowns upfront to minimize rework.
  • Provide technical advice on their field of expertise.
  • Manage production release workflow independently.



  • Good English communication skills and the ability to express oneself properly
  • Proficient in Kotlin
  • Experience working with MVP, MVVM, or Clean Architecture
  • Experience in RxJava and/or Coroutines
  • Knowledge in dependency injection (Dagger 2, Hilt or Koin)
  • Knowledge on build system (Gradle)
  • Uses git for source code version control


  • A solid foundation in Java
  • Experience in MVI Architecture
  • Familiarity with Android Jetpack Libraries
  • Familiarity in multi-module setup 
  • Knowledge in creating custom views and/or Jetpack Compose

Why apply to us?

  • HMO upon regularization with an additional 1 dependent (fully covered by the Company)
  • Monthly performance bonus
  • 10 VL and 10 SL (unused SL is convertible to cash annually)
  • Company-issued item (laptop)
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Learning opportunities
  • "No Friday meetings"
  • Opportunity to meet and train abroad
  • Government-mandated benefits

Work conditions:

  • [Permanent] Remote work / Work-From-Home
  • [Optional] Office visit once a week

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