Staff interview #14 Jerome Sempio

Success doesn’t just happen

I started working for Quipper in June, 2014.  Around that time, I was looking for a job that would give me a great sense of fulfillment as a professional and as an individual.  Quipper sparked my interest because they were looking for someone to help enhance education in schools by using their e-learning platform.  A perfect opportunity indeed, a work that would allow me to pursue my passion in education.


I am currently a member of a dynamic Sales Team for the Government Division.  My key role focuses on building sustainable relationships with the Department of Education and local government officials - convincing them in order to successfully utilize Quipper as an effective platform for education, and improving its quality and accessibility for both the teachers and students at the same time.


When I was first starting out, all I really had was my enthusiasm, energy and hunger for success.  I was largely inexperienced in the sales arena initially, but I have kept pushing myself out of my comfort zone and maintained a mindset that if I wanted to be successful, I should emanate the same drive the founders of Quipper have in mind.


Achieving my goals did not happen overnight.  I’ve always believed in the saying that “Success does not come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently”. It takes a lot of determination, hard work, consistency and persistency, not to mention, A LOT of rejections along the way.  But never ever STOP, because you lose once you quit trying. 

My secret when it comes to closing deals

People often ask me what my secret when it comes to closing deals is.  No secrets, just a mixture of “Rock Solid Product Knowledge, Enthusiasm & Passion and Patience”.  “Know” your product extremely well to the extent that the client wouldn’t think that it’s just another cost for the schools but something of high value and importance.  Truth is the deeper you know about your product, I think the more leverage you have.  Knowing exactly what you are talking about and believing in your product makes you worthy of your client’s trust.  “Enthusiasm & Passion” - it is basically your drive and passion that sets you apart from any other salesperson in the market.  It is not everything but just having it takes you one step closer to the success you want for yourself. Then there comes “Patience”.  I have learned that different individuals have a different pace when dealing with their own work.  I think this is similar to teaching students with individual differences or paces, and in the sales aspect of my work, the stakeholders have their own paces and situations as well.  I believe patience is the key to maintain sustainable relationships.


Since I was once a teacher, I know in my heart that the services of Quipper would be really beneficial for both teachers and students.  I am helping to lessen teachers’ workload and increase the time they can spend with their families.  For the students, it is changing the way they learn and improving their study habits.  I am in this business not only because it is my job, but also, I am doing this because I believe in the mission of the company to distribute wisdom by improving the quality of education through the effectiveness of our product and benefits that it can bring to them.

An ideal world of learning should be interactive

I am looking forward to becoming a catalyst of change.  I would like to share and spread the life changing platform of Quipper to more teachers and students not only in Manila, but also in the entire Philippines.  I also look forward that Filipino students will make academic achievements.  That is because one of our end goals is to help the students improve their academic performances by using Quipper.


For me, learning should be interactive not a one-way street. An ideal world of learning is dynamic and collaborative as well.  I believe Quipper is heading to the right direction, embracing the technological advancements of today and still making the process of learning fun and enjoyable.


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