Staff interview #13 Roxana Rudareanu

The perfect place for me!

I joined Quipper in 2013.  I heard Quipper was looking for an Office Administrator, and I went to the interview.  Once I walked into the office, I saw a mix of nationalities; British; Japanese; Italian; French; Dutch; Spanish; and Lithuanian, and this made me feel I belong there.  I knew I had found the perfect place for me.

Also, I got really excited when I heard Mr. Watanabe’s vision of ‘Distributors of Wisdom’, so I decided to join the revolutionary journey of education Quipper was just starting!

Time management for reliability

I am currently the HR/Office Manager at Quipper UK.  I am responsible for organizing and coordinating UK Office operations and procedures, administering payroll and maintaining employee records, implementing and managing HR system, and developing and implementing policies/procedures as well as managing all the payments/bank accounts working closely with JP Accounting Team.

Though my job varies a lot, I really like and enjoy my work.  I think checking is essential for my job.  In order to get the best result in everything I do, I try my hardest like double or even triple checking.

I also prioritize my tasks and try to deliver everything on time.  For me, it is very important to respect the deadlines and I try to be always organized.  Being very reliable and able to adapt quickly to any changes also helped me a lot with my career at Quipper.

As a part of the team, I want to add value and continue to contribute the company’s growth. Personally, I would like to develop more accounting/strategic skills for my career.

The world Quipper is aiming = My ideal learning world

Quipper is trying to provide high quality education to everyone, and this is the same as one of the biggest challenges a lot of countries are facing. Although learning systems differ in each country, our products give access to exceptional contents and tools that make learning easier and more enjoyable to students from anywhere at anytime.

I think my dream world of learning would be where everyone has access to information.  In my opinion, online learning is the future that will allow everyone in the world to access the same information without any boundaries of culture, society or language.  Therefore, I would like to make Quipper spread all over the world so that we can make an ideal world where everyone can share various knowledge and skills without the limit of location, background, race or age.


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