Staff interview #18 Ardini Pangastuti

Joy of Telling Importance of Education to High School Students

I was a Branch Head of Malang Office in East Java of Indonesia in FY2018 when I was selected as an MVP of the year.  We mainly sell QuipperVideo and Masterclass in our country.  QuipperVideo is the main online service that allows students to watch video lectures as much as they want to prepare for the entrance exams for universities.  Masterclass is an optional service which can be added to QuipperVideo to ask for guidance from tutors and also ask questions to coaches directly. 


In Malang Branch, there are 2 sales teams, and each team has an appointment maker and 4 sales agents.  Sales agents visit a high school after the appointment maker has made an appointment.  Agents, then, show students what they can do when they utilize QuipperVideo and Masterclass, and also how efficient the products are so that the students will get interested in our products and apply for the purchase.


Quipper is a part of an educational ecosystem that is made of students, parents, schools, teachers, education department, and us.  I really enjoy my job because while being a part of the ecosystem, I can tell students how important education is, improve the students’ motivation towards learning as well as visit places I have never been to through our sales activities.

A Contractor to a Branch Head

I joined Quipper as soon as I graduated from the State University of Malang.  I have a master’s degree in Biology Education and I thought Quipper’s vision, ‘distributors of wisdom’ was on the same direction as what I had learned at the university.


I was a contractor when I joined Quipper in 2016.  I was promoted to a team leader in several months, and became a permanent staff in a few more months.  Now, I have become a Branch Head.


When I decided to join Quipper, my parents did not understand why I should become a sales agent after getting a master’s degree in Education.  They wanted me to teach instead.  However, they have changed their mind and they now say they are very proud of me for becoming a Branch Head in less than 3 years of joining the company.


I personally think I am still inexperienced, so to me, letting me have as much responsibilities as I do now is really incredible.  What I have done is just to keep doing my best all the time.  From my experiences, I tell my sales members that if they keep doing their best with high motivation, they can become what they want to be.

Believing in Our Services Made Us No.1

In Indonesia, there are 11 branches.  Malang Branch achieved the No.1 achievement rate of sales target in FY2018, and this made me become an MVP.


What I was always doing was to encourage my members to be confident in our services. I always tell them that services of Quipper are masterpieces and these are what all students need, and it is very important for the students to start preparing for their exams ‘now’ instead of postponing the preparation until tomorrow, next term or just before the exam.  I make sure I share the thought that we are involving with education that would change the future of our children and grandchildren with my members.


This is something really important.  If even one of us hadn’t believed in our products, we would never have achieved such a great result.  I think I was chosen as an MVP thanks to the members of my branch.


I also made sure that all members can always stay positive.  If your days are the repetition of doing the presentation during the day and doing following-up of the daytime sales during the night, sometimes it becomes difficult to think things positively.  At occasions like that, we solve someone’s problem at work together, and organize a day out with everyone on a day off.  We value our daily communication.

The Secret of Selling Well is to Be Creative

Being chosen as an MVP was a very encouraging experience for me.  Actually, I was nominated last year as well, but was not chosen partly because I could not achieve the sales target.  Therefore, I was making an effort to be chosen this year. 


Achieving a target may seem to be tough, but I think everyone lives with big and small targets. For example, if you want to lose weight, you would set a small target like ‘I will run today’.  I felt the sales target for our branch was enormous, but when I divided the target by 2 teams, sales agents, days we visit schools etc., the huge number suddenly became something reasonable and achievable.


Though we have sales script provided by the company, I think we should never talk exactly the same thing because we visit different schools and students with different cultures.  If we kept doing the same presentation every day, we could not have the same outcome.  We need to be creative when we sell our products and adjust what we do depending on the needs of the schools and students.


I still visit schools and do presentations, even after I have become a Branch Head.  I believe meeting students in school is the best thing to let myself improve.


I work day and night, and many people ask me “why can you work that much?”.  No one has ever made me work, but I work because I feel I want to.  I think I can say I have fallen in love with my job.  That is one of the reasons why I never felt burdensome to achieve the sales target.  I would like to involve with sales at least for the next several years.

Passion towards Education Is My Source of Energy

I have a younger sister.  When she was a high school student, I recommended her to use QuipperVideo.  As a result, she passed all exams smoothly, and got accepted by Brawijaya University, one of the best universities in the country. I tell this experience to the students I meet and recommend them to use QuipperVideo.


I think Quipper Campus, a recommending service for higher and further education, which we offer in Indonesia, is also a very good tool for students as well as Quipper Video and Masterclass.  When I was in high school, I had no clue at how I should choose the university I would like to go, which university would suit me, and what the strong points of a particular university were.  Therefore, I believe this service is very helpful for the students.


People often ask me why my energy never runs out, and I can only say because my passion towards education drives me. I would like students to pass an entrance exam for a university, and I feel I must support them because I would like them to be greater people than I am now.


I would like to continue being involved with education in Indonesia not only for myself but for the future children of our country.

Growing at Quipper with Everyone

I considered myself as a team leader of the two teams in our branch, rather than a branch head.  In the next school year, I will move to a larger branch.  In the new branch, there will be 4 or 5 sales teams and the area the branch covers also becomes larger.  I am from Java, the main island in Indonesia, but my next branch is located on a different island with a different culture.  It will be a big challenge for me, but I really look forward to going there.


For me, Quipper is my second family.  I will always remember that when I go to the new branch and would like to build good relationships with the new members.  It is really hard for me to leave my teams in Malang Branch, but I believe that someday it will become even harder for me to leave my new teams in the next branch because I will surely build my next family there.


I believe Quipper is a place where everyone can grow up together.  The current branch is in my comfort zone, and I think my comfort zone will be larger in the next branch.  I would like to broaden my comfort zone by having a lot of experiences.  I would like to keep challenging new things because I always think ‘I don’t want to be satisfied with the current situation but keep doing something more, and I share this thought to my line Manager.


I will definitely do my best to achieve the sales target of the next year.  Quipper Video still may be a small market nationally, but it has become a really large market in the area I am responsible for. I would like to achieve a similar good result in other areas and prove myself.


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