Staff interview #22 Keiko Kon

A brand new challenge in HR field through an internal job posting system

My role is to integrate the HR of all global branches as a Global HR Officer.  I am mainly in charge of understanding the requests from Country Managers regarding any HR issues, reflecting them to our systems and operations and Local HR, sharing those changes to each country and supporting all branches.  I also manage the employee information such as the headcounts and salary information, operate promotion meetings and make sure that Performance Management is properly conducted.


I moved to Quipper from Recruit Technologies in April, 2018, using the internal job posting system.  The biggest reason why I applied for this position was because I wanted to work in an organization which provided services to and was closer to the end users.


Having studied abroad when I was younger, I wanted to use English for my job.  I also empathized with the vision of Quipper with high social contribution.  Education has always been close to me because both my parents were teachers.  Many things seemed to suite and encourage me to apply for this position.  Before joining Quipper, I never had any experiences in the HR field, but I was solving IT issues cooperating with IT Departments of each company.   However, I was not afraid, but instead, I was really excited about this new challenge.

Completing the big task that are completely new to me!

I was chosen as an MVP for revising the HR system.  We started discussing this issue in the second half of 2018.  However, I needed to have this revise approved by the company in February 2019, and spread to employees in March 2019.  I had such a tight schedule to prepare, but I completed these tasks without compromising the quality ven though most of them were completely new to me.  I think this may be a reason for being selected as an MVP.


Looking back at it, the toughest thing for me was the fact that I did not understand or know what Country Managers were talking about or what should normally be done.  I did not even know what to learn first.


What I did was to gather information so that I could have solid ideas of how I should revise the HR system.  If I needed to know the standard of each country, I used every single mean I had to collect information.  Let alone asking questions to Country Managers, I searched on the internet, read books, and I even asked questions about the Philippines to my Filipino online English conversation teacher.


It was also a hard job to understand the requests of each country and find the right place to settle down.  The situation was so sensitive that one decision could change everyday life of employees, or could even lead to resignation of an employee, so I was aware the influence was significant.  Therefore, I was under a tremendous amount of pressure, and told myself that I must not make a single mistake.

Introducing a new system that would solve issues of each country

Previously, we had one globally unified HR system at Quipper.  However, when I was organizing the issues of each country I had found, I realized there were different issues.  Therefore, I decided we should prepare different systems in some parts.


In 2016, we introduced the Mission Grade System at Quipper, equivalent of the one applied in Recruit.  With this system, the amount of salary is decided according to the grade which has been designated depending on the value, difficulty, and the affecting area of the mission and the role of an employee.


However,   When creating the system, I had to think about the future operation and carefully design the system so that there will be no contradiction in the future.  Also, each country has legal restrictions regarding salary, so I needed to take extra care in all aspects for keeping the low and adjusting the fine points by consulting the law firm.



When I first started this project, I could not even see where my goal was, and I felt it was so far that I thought I might faint when I tried to look at my goal.  However, I thought I should take one solid step forward followed by another, so I decided to count backwards from the due date and set smaller goals such as ‘I will finish this by the next meeting.’, ‘I will get an agreement by this time.’ and so on.


I think some reasons why I managed to carry out this were because I felt responsible for voluntarily applying for the HR position even though I had had no experiences, and also I encouraged myself by thinking if I complete this massive project, the experience would be precious.  I knew that only thinking things in my head would not take me forward, so I made sure I acted as much as possible.  For example, if I needed more information, I looked for it.  Similarly I decided to make a draft version of a system for overseas branches  no matter how immature it might look so that I could have something to improve etc.

I would like to find the best solution that suits the phase and size of the company

As I mentioned earlier, I was suggesting solutions to the Admin and IT departments of each business at my previous position, but I always had a desire to work in an organization that provided service to users directly, and I also wanted to work at my own discretion.

I can easily get to know how people think about what I have done with my current work, and I feel fulfilled because I know the situation is improving little by little.  Actually, when I went on a business trip to Indonesia last July, I was really glad to hear one of the Managers saying it had become easier for Managers to operate things with the new system.


Though what I value the most is to make a good environment for people to work, I also keep in mind for who and for what I am doing this task.

When I revised the HR system, I kept in mind that I was doing this so that everyone could work with high motivation, it became easier for Managers and/or Country Managers to give feedback to their members, and also Local HR would not lose a chance to hire a good candidate in daily operation.


I would ideally like to be able to decide the system in line with the phase of the company from a higher viewpoint, and to explain the reasons for the decision on my own.


Just like I separated a part of the HR system which was originally unified in all branches, I think it is necessary to improve the situation by selecting things depending on the current market of each country and the condition of the company.  Also there are items we need to observe as a member of the Recruit Group.  I would like to find the best method that is in line with the size and the phase of Quipper by looking for an appropriate point.    



* The business (including business name and business description), people and titles introduced in the article are those at the time of the interview. It may be different at this time.

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